2 TABLESPOONS before Bed for Perfect Blood Sugars

Since there are so many people with

blood sugar issues pre-diabetic

diabetics and people with insulin

resistance i wanted to cover this very

important video on apple cider vinegar

if you’re not doing apple cider vinegar

you definitely want to consider adding

that to what you eat even if you’re not

doing keto or intermittent fasting there

are other things that can improve your

blood sugars that go beyond just

lowering your carb and

fasting apparently the acetic acid in

apple cider vinegar gives a very

potent anti-glycemic


even if you’re not doing keto

so in other words it can help buffer the

food that you eat

to bring things lower on the glycemic

index and help stabilize both blood

sugars and

insulin now check this out i’m going to

put all these studies down below there’s

quite a few

when you add vinegar

to your rice let’s say you’re going to

do sushi right which i’m not

recommending eating rice but if you do

you will drop the glycemic index of that

rice by

which is fascinating if you add vinegar

to your cooked potato while it cools

down maybe on a salad or something you

will reduce the glycemic index of that

potato by percent if you add vinegar

to your bread let’s say you eat some

white bread you’ll create a significant

decrease in blood sugars and insulin

again i’m not recommending this but

i mean this is this is fascinating if

you add vinegar to like eating cereal

barley of course you’re not going to put

vinegar on your cereal bar but let’s say

you had vinegar tablets for example you

could probably add that or orange juice

you can drop your blood sugars

and insulin and then there was a couple

interesting studies one was

consuming vinegar with sandwich i think

it was actually in capsules vinegar

capsules decrease the glycemic index by

percent and then if you’re going to

eat a salad whether you add like

balsamic vinaigrette or apple cider


as a part of your salad dressing you can

decrease the glycemic index by

so that is actually interesting that

goes beyond just lowering your carbs and


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