Amazing Benefits of Garlic Through the Winter

Today we’re going to talk about the amazing immune benefits of garlic especially during the winter now garlic has been used for about i don’t know 4 000 years and it’s been used for things like arthritis diabetes colds malaria tb and the list goes on and on and on and on louis pasteur studied garlic in its antibacterial properties the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria during the second world war when the russians ran out of their antibiotics guess what they used as their antibiotic garlic so garlic was called russian penicillin so garlic has been thoroughly proven as a therapy to prevent infection as one of the big benefits is ranked at the top as having potent anti-cancer effects and this data was from the designer food project where they were studying the effects of cancer prevention from vegetables now i want to share some really interesting data from this book called modern phytomedicine okay and this is a fascinating textbook using plant compounds and chemicals in medicine so i want to share with you the chapter on garlic which is quite amazing you know they should really teach this in med school unfortunately when you go through medical school or pre-med i went through pre-med i didn’t go through medical school i went through chiropractic college which is not the same as medical school but there’s a tremendous amount of data that you have to learn and i guess the word learn is probably not appropriate let’s just say you’re being force-fed volumes of data and you’re expected to regurgitate that and somehow pass the tests so unfortunately it’s set up not to necessarily really really understand the material because there’s just not enough time to absorb and play with information and and evaluate if it’s true or not instead you are flying by the seat of your pants trying to memorize and parrot back this information on the multiple choice questions and then when you graduate you have a chance to maybe re-evaluate the information and really learn it apply it make sure it’s valuable make sure it’s true and then really spend the time then things that you’re interested in so you’re not rushing through things.

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