Ask Dr Gundry: How Much Exercise Should I Get?

Exercises of stressor and small amounts of stress on our muscles and on our cardiovascular system actually improves our overall health.

It’s got a fancy name called hormesis that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger some of the healthiest people in the world and the longest lived people are actually walkers and hikers.

There’s incredible evidence that hiking, that is anything against gravity, is really good for you. So for instance take a hike, my biggest prescription that I write people is by yourself a dog. Dog has to be exercised and the dog will force you no matter how early it is or out late at night to go for a walk.

So just start walking that’s number one, number two most people don’t need to go to a gym and beat themselves up there’s a great book called ‘You are your own gym” that shows you how to exercise in your home using a chair using a couch. And don’t say you don’t have enough time that time you spent sitting on a couch watching TV you could be doing exercises while you’re sitting at home watching TV.

Aou don’t need to do it very long in my first book we actually showed that 20 minutes a week of exercise builds muscle as good as daily gym attendance as long as you’re doing the right ones.

Don’t fret it go for a walk go get a dog

I’m dr. Gundry and I’m always looking out for you

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