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Hey guys dr. Berg here during this video we’re gonna discuss the proper exercise now what’s the perfect exercise it really is predicated on your body so you have got folks that are completely out of shape completely burned-out and any of these people that are really top athletes.

So we’re gonna just teach you the weather so you’ll adapt them to your workout it really exercises composed of three simple variables we’ve the time of exercise we’ve the intensity then we have the recovery and so you furthermore might can have frequency and the way over and over you are doing it but that’s the simplicity of a workout now the question is if you are going for toning or you are going for fat-burning.

There’s various things that you simply can select like for instance if you are going for toning you are going to be working within the part a little differently what I’m visiting speak about is mainly overall fitness and fat burning okay it’s a way to maximize that therefore the very first thing to know is that the time of exercise is actually not something that increases hormone which is the main fat burning hormone.

So of course the more you’re employed out the more you increase cortisol the more you add stress to the body so these people that do that for example the high-intensity long duration hour hour and a boot camp every single day all they’re doing is raising cortisol they’re not visiting get fit they are not visiting lose weight so ideally to trigger somatotrophic hormone you need shorter time higher full-body intensity and much of recovery that will be the most effective option.

Now let’s first speak about intensity what quite intensity do I mean well anything that works your every single muscle at only once that might be the simplest thing like some people would do some type of kickboxing aerobic type workout where they’re doing you recognize lower body and upper body.

I like to try and do deadlifts of course that actually helps my back once I try this but doing a decent deadlift with great technique you’ll get some serious intensity because you’re using every single muscle that you have.

Youcan even do jump rope you’ll be able to do like certain styles of yoga is extremely very high intensity you recognize to figure every single body so we wish to try to to something that spikes the heartbeat rate fast and works all of your body but we do not want to try and do this for a protracted time but you wish to do it short now here’s the here’s the rule of thumb the most time of workout.

If you’re doing interval training which is brief high-intensity rest short intensity high rest would be between 20 and 40 minutes any time you’ve got to travel over 40 minutes what meaning is that you are going to diminish your returns it’d be far better than increase the intensity so I prefer to try and do short high-intensity rest but if you’re just starting out we’re just stepping into it 20 minutes every other day is ok.

So what I’m talking about is for example you’re gonna do some kind of workout where you’d do a high intensity for two maybe 3 minutes maybe 1 to three minutes then you’d rest for maybe 4 to five minutes versus if you’re doing like CrossFit which is far over training for most people unless you’re 18 years old this object with workout one minute on one minute off doesn’t work you are not visiting have enough recovery we wish that rate to return all the way down I also do biking.

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