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Most Important Exercise for Seniors to Master

Most Important Exercise for Seniors Some fitness professionals have cast the vote already as the squat being…

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Heal Your Prostate (Prostatitis & BPH) the Nutritional Way | Dr. Mandell

Welcome i like to talk about prostate issues there’s two separate entities i’m not going to go…

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This is ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof!

I am the iceman Very cold No. Very warm… hearted. Jesus… Whoa This is ice water. This…

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Best Exercise Tips – How to Figure Out Your Perfect Exercise – Dr.Berg

Hey guys dr. Berg here during this video we’re gonna discuss the proper exercise now what’s the…

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Ask Dr Gundry: How Much Exercise Should I Get?

Exercises of stressor and small amounts of stress on our muscles and on our cardiovascular system actually…