Clogged Arteries? Dr. Boz

you’ve got fatty cholesterol in your
artery walls how did that happen
did it come from the fat you ate is it
here’s what’s going on in your artery
this process of putting cholesterol in
your arteries didn’t happen yesterday
this is the timeline of how long
cholesterol or clogged arteries
takes to happen in patients when you
look at how fast this happened in you it
really depends on well what risk factors
do you have or have you had that made
this happen
looking at this list there’s several of
these things that you can control and
other things like old age
having a bacterial infection or who your
family is that you can’t control
when you Whittle down the list of what
things you can control that create
health problems
patients present and say well doc how do
you get better
what is getting healthy look like does
that avocados whole grains and kale
well after seeing patients for over two
decades I recommended the high grain
diets the standard American diet for
over 15 years and during that time they
exercised their way out of a heart
problem rarely there were several
patients who lost between 75 and 100
pounds and they did it by completely
surrendering their life to this exercise
plan and a very regimented weight loss
unfortunately every single one of those
patients that lost the weight gained it
the problem that was hiding behind this
clogged artery is the same one hormone
that’s hidden that they sometimes don’t
even know what the name of it is or how
it works that nasty little devil of a
hormone that’s gone wild inside their
arteries is insulin
let me show you a study here that says
how high is their insulin and what’s it
going to take to reverse it when people
are insulin resistant insulin resistance
is having clogged arteries so if you’re
watching this and you wonder am I
insulin resistant you got there through
clogged arteries
when we took patients like you and
locked them behind a an exam room door
actually we put them in a hospital for
several weeks and said you can’t have
anything to eat you can have water and
minerals only
and during that time we watched what
their insulin did
that insulin started out
really high
and it took over four weeks before that
insulin finally dropped to a relatively
normal number of 10. unfortunately as
soon as they started eating again the
insulin shot right back up
so how does this insulin thing work and
how can we manipulate it to work for you
to reverse this cholesterol in your
well let’s take a look at healthy
patients you’ll notice that insulin is
measured over on the side and time is
measured along the bottom
this was looking at people six hours
after eating specific Foods
so these healthy patients came in and we
gave them food we gave them one specific
food and we made sure that they hadn’t
eaten for several hours beforehand 12 to
18 hours of fasting
after these healthy patients ate
carbohydrates we checked their insulin
every 30 minutes for these six hours and
in these healthy patients it spiked way
up over a hundred and look at how long
it took before that came back down under
20 which is relatively healthy we’re at
the fourth or fifth hour before healthy
people drop their insulin back to that
level when they ate only carbohydrates
the next day they came in and we fed
them protein checking again every half
an hour watching the insulin not return
to normal until that sixth hour
with protein it took a little longer for
the insulin to spike and it didn’t Spike
as high but it sure lasted a long time
the third day they came in and we only
fed them fat This Time Again checking
the insulin and noticing that it didn’t
Spike until the hour mark and it really
returned back to normal at a couple of
hours later
well now let’s look at people like you
when that uh unhealthy patient shows up
and we’d fasted them for the same amount
of time and fed them the same amount of
carbs their insulin spiked up even
higher than the healthy patients did but
most strikingly it did not return to
normal even six hours later their
insulin was still way too high this was
making heart disease the whole during
that time when they eat the protein
again it spiked not quite as sharp but
did not drop back to normal and even
when these patients ate the lowest
stimulus food for insulin that would be
fat and they only had fat the spike of
their insulin was still strikingly high
and did not return to Baseline during
those six hours
so when patients have health problems
that look a lot like heart disease and
it’s because that cardiovascular disease
has been growing for many years we link
it to insulin and insulin is the one
thing that connects these disease
processes along the way
I don’t know where you are in the
process of building your heart disease
but it is most certainly related to
insulin when patients come in and say
Doc the fat that you’re asking me to eat
isn’t that the same fat that’s found in
my cholesterol or filled artery the
answer is no the fat you consume comes
into your body and then is a product of
what is going on with your Chemistry the
most important hormone or chemical that
you control to put that cholesterol in
your artery is in but if you are one of
the unfortunates that has had a blockage
and then had a heart attack thank God
you’re living to watch this video
but the only way that you’re going to
take care of disease like this is
through something called autophagy
don’t know what autophagy is
click the next video I’ll teach you

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