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The lining of the gut is only one cell thick and they’re all kind of held together with what are called tight junctions a

locked arm and arm like a game we played red rover red rover that kids don’t play anymore

so the bacteria are foreign if you will and there is an

interaction with the bacteria in the gut and what this model shows is that as

those bacteria begin to break holes in the gut break down the gut then you can

show that that is when aging starts and the more the wall breaks down the faster

you age so what happens is if we damage this lining

and boy do we damage the snow hining swallow and ibuprofen it’s like swallowing a hand grenade

takes some food with roundup in it roundup will destroy the lining of your

gut it’s really good stuff roundup in itself will destroy your bacterial population

everybody welcome to health theory today’s episode is round two with the extraordinary dr stephen gundry he’s the

new york times best-selling author of the plant paradox and most recently the longevity paradox he’s also an

award-winning renowned heart surgeon and researcher as well as the former president of the american heart

association but the crazy part of his story is that he left the profession he built his entire career around at the

height of his success when he realized he was just dealing with symptoms and not addressing the underlying causes of

those symptoms and that’s where i want to start today your book kicks right off with the myths of aging yeah i want to

believe that we can sort of age in reverse and we can get stronger better looking

more robust as we age but that is not conventional wisdom but you debunk it right off the bat yeah

hit us with it we want to be a benjamin button you know we want to actually de-age and i really

think it’s possible in fact when people look at my pictures

really at the height of my surgical career in the mid-s and then

compare those pictures to me now there’s actually

no doubt that i’m actually a younger man than i was almost years ago better skin

like what are we judging that by better skin better you know better texture my skin one of the things i talk about in the

book extensively is your your skin is actually a mirror of the lining of

your gut your the lining of your gut which is the surface of a tennis court

is actually your skin turned inside out what is it that makes you think that the gut is so influential

in aging specifically because people think of like i’m going to get arthritis it’s wear and tear just is what it is

i’ve used my joints so much that you know they’re they’re going to be tapped out like it it actually does make

intuitive sense and so what you talk about in the book is it

really sort of kicks people into a new way of thinking about it so why is the gut so tied to what we think of as actual again.

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