Drink COFFEE for a Fatty Liver and Gallstones

Now i do admit that i have a lot of

videos on things that you have to avoid

because they’re bad for you but today

i’m going to talk about an addiction i’m

sorry um a drink that you won’t have to

avoid and i will be the first to admit

that i am completely and utterly

addicted to coffee and its benefits and

there’s one thing in coffee called

chlorogenic acid it’s in other foods as

well but it’s definitely in coffee if

you drink green coffee you will have

more of this chemical and i have done

other videos on the benefits of coffee

adding butter and mct oil to your coffee

to help you fast longer but there’s some

interesting research on coffee

in that it can help decrease the risk

for metabolic syndrome

it gives you neural protection for your


cardiovascular protection and even

studies that show that it can be


coffee definitely can suppress your

appetite which is good to do in the

morning if you’re fasting and also this

compound right here connect to help

reduce inflammation

and there’s a significant amount of

magnesium in coffee as well as certain

vitamins specifically b

and b now of course these benefits are

not going to occur if you’re drinking

pots of coffee like i used to drink in

college so i’m talking about a very

moderate or small amount of coffee

personally i recommend only drinking one

cup of coffee in the early morning but

we have this liver here and the liver

actually does a lot of things one thing

it does is it makes

bile okay so the bile is produced by the

liver drains down these little tubes

right here and gets stored in the

gallbladder and so a lot of people have

the question is coffee going to

aggravate my gallbladder or create

kidney stones or

contribute to my fatty liver well

actually it does the opposite it will

help to thin the bile it can help to

decrease the risk for gall stones

because gallstones come from

a condition where you have this super

concentrated cholesterol that turns into


then forms gallstones but it’s not the

cholesterol that makes the stone it’s

the lack of bile salts that allow the

concentration to occur so really

gallstones occur because you are

deficient in bile well it just so

happens that coffee can help produce

more bile and thin the bile and prevent

these cholesterol crystals from

occurring now if you have gallstones i

would highly recommend you also start


like purified bile salts to help you

with this process but just you know

coffee can help prevent gallstones and

as far as the liver goes

coffee is hepatoprotective so these

phytonutrients in the coffee can

actually protect the liver from harmful


the other thing that’s really cool about

coffee is it can increase fatty acid

oxidation that basically means it can

help break down

fat from your liver especially if you

have a fatty liver and it does this

indirectly through the microbiome which

is actually quite fascinating so coffee

apparently helps your friendly bacteria

it also helps stimulate this hormone

that will help contract the gallbladder

the gallbladder is there to concentrate

the bile so when you eat it contracts

and then that bile then can mix with the

food and help you extract fat soluble

nutrients well if your gallbladder is

sluggish for whatever reason drinking

coffee can help stimulate the

gallbladder so you have this contraction

in this release of the bile and one

reason why i’m doing this video is

because i’m i’m focusing on this area

right here making you very aware of this


in your body because this is an area of

a lot of problem for so many people that

they don’t have any idea

that this is the root problem and i’m

talking about

bile sludge the bile should normally be

thin and flowing many times it thickens

and then the cholesterol starts building

up in here and it backs up into the

liver and the pain that you’ll feel or

the discomfort or the tightness will be

right up through here in your right

shoulder blade right through here and

through the back right through here

through the rhomboid it can go right

through the head through here it can

literally create tension and pull these

vertebra out and pinch a nerve that goes

down your right side.

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