Heal Your Prostate (Prostatitis & BPH) the Nutritional Way | Dr. Mandell

Welcome i like to talk about prostate issues there’s two separate entities i’m not going to go into the deep physiology i want to go into the nuts and bolts on practical things that you can do right now at home to help yourself feel better scientifically we can do that in another video we have benign prostatic hypertrophy or hyperplasia that’s basically meaning that the prostate’s getting bigger i’m going to touch that in just a second and the other aspect that most people are having particularly men obviously over the age of i would even say in the 30s today is prostatitis more non-bacterial prostatitis very few people have acute bacterial prostatitis that is obviously something you need to treat immediately with antibiotics you’re going to have fever you’re going to have lots of pain burning but in general the average male who just gets testicular aching aching in the rectal area and obviously affecting your stream when you urinate uh frequent urination because of the fact that the urethra goes through that little walnut size prostate and when that prostate’s inflamed it starts to compress on the urethra and obviously can affect your stream and that urge and other symptoms that you may be having now you’re looking at someone who had prostatitis in the 20s i’ve been to many different urologists internists they would always check my blood for my psa my psas were always within normal range but what did they do they just wanted to treat me with antibiotics non-bacterial prostatitis with antibiotics that is the golden rule how they do it because they don’t know how it works but in certain conditions and many people who have these problems it seems to ease the symptoms but never gets to the root of the problem so i want to hopefully try to get to the root of many of these issues and be able to change your diet in a positive way as well as supplement specific herbs and vitamins that can really make a huge change so you can live your life happy have left less pain have better encounters with your your mate uh just everything sleeping attitude taking you out of that depressed depressive state it can really do wonders to the mind when we’re not working good down there it seems like the whole world is collapsing on us so i i really hope that you find this video enlightening and as well as educating first let’s talk about bph benign prosthetic hyperplasia that’s basically meaning enlargement of the prostate and every male one time or another as they get older is going to have some form of hypertrophy although with all that people who have hypertrophy right now not all of them are symptomatic so we want to find out those things that you’re doing or those things you need to stop doing that can get you asymptomatic where you can start feeling well once again.

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