Most Important Exercise for Seniors to Master

Most Important Exercise for Seniors

Some fitness professionals have cast the vote already as the squat being the most
important exercise for seniors. As a physical therapist and a strength and
conditioning specialist who spent the last 37 years working with seniors, in my
opinion, the heel-raise exercise is the most important exercise for seniors to master.

Here’s why, whether you like it or not throughout the day you’re getting up and down

from a chair you’re sitting getting up and down from your bed you’re sitting on a toilet.
You’re getting in and out of a car, all of that motion requires the motion of a squat.

Make Heel raises A Daily Habit

Unfortunately, heel raises are not part of our daily patterns of movement as a
result 99 of the people that I see over the age of 50 lack the strength and
endurance in their calf muscles. So most of you already know. but the calf
muscles are located at the bottom of the leg at the back and these are the
muscles that give us the spring in our step.

The agility on the court and the grace on the dance floor, they impact how
well you’re going to move. We’re going to start with the basic heel
raise then cover stepwise progression to an advanced heel raise.

That is the strength that you’re going to need if you love to dance
do racket sports or hike, at the end stick with me and I’ll share a special
playlist to offer more ideas to keep you strong and agile

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