Should You Drink LEMON WATER Every Day? | Dr. Steven Gundry

Should you

drink lemon water

every day

all right you’ve heard all about it and

you’ve seen it everywhere the lemon

water trend and if you’ve hopped on

board i’m here to tell you you’re

wasting your time

and your lemons

that’s right lemon water is not all it’s

cracked up to be

so where does this idea come from well

the idea started out that lemon water is

actually really good for you

because of a one of the oddest and quite

frankly most unfounded diets there is

out there the alkaline diet

now interestingly enough

lemons are acidic they contain citric


but they are associated with alkaline


what the heck does that mean

well the body operates at a very

very very tightly controlled

ph level a fine balance between

acids in the body

and alkaline effects in the body

and while it is absolutely true

that most



an alkaline effect they trend towards

the alkaline side of the ph scale

and many

animal products

tend towards the acidic effect

there really is no evidence that eating

a slightly alkaline diet or drinking a

slightly alkaline water

has any effect on your body’s ph balance

this became very trendy and still trendy

because you see all the alkaline waters

for sale now

and normally the normal ph is


we our bodies operate on a ph between

. and .

so a very very narrow band

interestingly enough italian waters

italian sparkling waters by law required

to have a balanced ph of . or or


so you would think that if you’re kind

of trying to get rid of acids in your

body or you’re eating a lot of

acid-containing foods that you ought to

balance that


alkaline water with alkaline foods the

problem is there is so


available bicarbonate

in alkaline water or in these foods that

you would actually have to eat

tons of these foods to have any effect

on your ph even your stomach ph

and you would have to drink


thousands of gallons of lemon water a

day to have any effect on your alkaline


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