The #1 Food for Toxic Kidneys

I want to share with you

the number one best food

for toxic kidneys in order to understand

that i have to give you a little

background information but the big

problem when you’re diagnosed with

kidney disease especially if it’s end

stage kidney disease

is that they don’t really have any good

solutions that give you a good prognosis

you know they might say well you have to

get kidney dialysis you know and that’s

just terrible terrible to go through

that and the prognosis from that is just

not good they’re not giving you any

natural solutions

the thing with the kidney is that it’s a

filter so any drugs that they give you

is going to be more toxicity to the

kidney so when we’re dealing with a

damaged filter we need to use something

natural that has virtually no side


so this kidney filters out chemicals

pesticides insecticides herbicides

fungicides heavy metals plastics

excess minerals it recycles a lot of

things too it’s very very efficient it

gets rid of excess sugar and of course

if you’re eating a lot of sugar it

destroys the filter because diabetes is

the number one cause of

kidney disease

it also gets rid of excess protein

byproducts so when we eat protein and

that breaks down it goes to a chain

reaction of things


end up with ammonia which is very very

toxic to several parts of the body

especially the neurons in your brain and

this is why if someone has too much

ammonia that goes up into the brain

because it’s too much in the blood they

can end up with


all sorts of really terrible things

normally what happens is the body has

this urea cycle where this protein that

turns into ammonia then turns into a

lesser toxic thing called urea and

that’s supposed to be

you know excreted through the urine and

so the liver is also involved in this

process as well and if you have a really

toxic kidney

chances are you also have a toxic liver

because they work closely together

unfortunately you are swimming in a sea

of toxicity our environment i mean

there’s over a thousand new chemical


created every single

hour okay so we’re just getting hit from

every different angle so we need healthy

kidneys we need healthy liver

to deal with all this toxicity also the

kidney is the main organ

that helps activate vitamin d

the liver is involved too but the kidney

is even more important in the conversion

of the inactive d

to the active form of vitamin d and you

know how important d is and like i said

before diabetes is one of the main

big causes of kidney disease so what are

the symptoms of toxic kidneys okay well

you can have gout

which is uric acid building up usually

in your

the joint of your big toe and that

mainly occurs because the kidney is not

able to get rid of

this uric acid effectively

kidney stones where you have this super


calcium oxalate stone that develops in

the kidney you can prevent stones by

consuming enough liquids so we don’t

have this super concentrated


puffy eyes you can look at someone’s

face and just look around their eyes

and you can see kidney problems so if

it’s puffy especially underneath and on


usually they have kidney issues because

the fluids backing up they also have

edema in their lower ankles when you

press on the lower ankle it leaves an

indentation they might have itchy skin

they might have glucose in the urine or

protein in the urine their urine might

smell very very strong of ammonia and

like i said before if the kidney was

doing its job you would just have urea

but if there’s too much ammonia this

whole breakdown process is not occurring

because the kidney is damaged

and ammonia like i said before is very

very toxic to the brain your urine might

look very very dark and foamy that

usually means that this filter is not

filtering just like if you were to

change the oil filter in your car if you

haven’t changed it for for a couple

years it’s going to be really really

dark and filled with all sorts of things

now the foamy part is usually too much

protein in the urine because it’s not

being recycled properly

and you may even experience high blood


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