The #1 Most Dangerous Food in the World

Now today we’re going to talk about the

most dangerous food that you could

potentially eat not that you would ever

eat this food but

if you did

i believe it’s the most dangerous and i

looked at a lot of different factors

um which i’m going to discuss but before

i get into it i’m very curious what you

think is the most dangerous food for

your health go ahead and comment in the

section down below i’m very curious and

as i go through this let’s see if you

can guess what it is

the first point i want to bring up is


it combines

a starch

and a fat together under high heats okay

so that’s the first thing so anytime you


a starch or carb with a fat or protein

and you heat it up

you create this very interesting

compound called

an advanced

glycation and product now what is that

well that’s just a compound that really

becomes sticky in your body and it just

locks up

all sorts of

cells and tissues in the eye

in the brain

in the heart in the kidney and it makes

these tissues not able to function

correctly now if you think of your blood

sugars for example you would get a test

done called ac


is this it’s glycation of a protein so

basically you’re measuring like a three

month exposure

to sugar because the sugar in your blood

combines with the protein in your blood

it’s called hemoglobin the protein it

destroys it and it makes it unavailable

to function so when they measure ac

they’re determining how much of your

hemoglobin is

stuck to sugar basically and so the

higher you have it the more diabetes and

complications you have and the less you

have it the healthier you are all right

the next ingredient is hydrogenated oils

either cottonseed

or it could be corn oil hydrogenated

that means there’s trans fats trans fats

are very very bad it makes your cells

like plastic it hardens the arteries

there’s reports that it triggers cancer

i mean it does a lot of damage inside

the body and a lot of foods have gone

away from hydrogenated oils but not all

types of foods all right the next thing

this food has if you want to call it a

food is acrylamide

acrylamide occurs when you deep fry


root vegetables okay i could just give

you a hint there

under high heats you create this

neurotoxin called acrylamide


it’s been links to

alzheimer’s because it affects the

neurons or the next ingredient is sugar

and in the u.s i mean a great majority

of the sugar is b sugar which is gmo so

we have glyphosate and then we have

sugar and so we know what sugar does it

creates all sorts of issues i don’t need

to get into that but

the type of sugar is not even sugar cane

usually it’s going to be


beet sugar or dextrose or they just

might add dextrose that’s a synthetic

sugar okay

or another type of sugar which is not

even classified as a sugar called

maltodextrin now what’s fascinating

about maltodextrin

is that because they manipulated this


to a

polysaccharide which is many

sugars they can classify it as a starch

and not as sugar so when you look at the

label it’s not under sugars it’s under

carbohydrates so it makes it seem like

it’s low sugar but on the glycemic index

maltodextrin it is the highest thing in

the glycemic index so when you consume

something with maltodextrin you’re

consuming something that’s really going

to raise your blood sugars in a big way

and create

a high insulin it’s called


and there’s so many complications that

occur from high insulin and malt

deduction is made from either rice



corn all right i want to come back to

this chemical called glyphosate it’s

what they use as an herbicide called

roundup ready and it’s involved in gmo

foods but there are certain foods that

they spray a lot of this glyphosate on

and i won’t tell you exactly what food

it is you’ll have to guess but they

spread on oats lentils

soy lentils would be like peanuts




sugar beets and corn if you research

glyphosate you’ll see that it’s really

safe for humans

but it’s not very safe for


so when they spray the soil it can kill

certain microbes because they also got a


to classify glyphosate as an antibiotic

because it kills microbes well the

question is do we have any microbes

in or on our body and the answer is yes

we do do we depend on them yes we do is

it possible that this glyphosate can

alter our microbiome of course you’re

going to have a lot of biased answers on

that but i think you can.

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