The 10 WARNING Signs of Dementia

Today we’re going to talk about the 10 warning signs of dementia specifically Alzheimer’s and I have some additional very important information to share with you that relates to your genetics for example if your grandparents or your parents had it does that mean you’re going to have it I’m also going to touch on some important information relating to the actual cause of Alzheimer’s um there’s been some recent information on the amyloid plaque theory that is completely going to flip things upside down but before I touch on the warning signs I just have to say out of all the stresses that someone experiences a loss of a loved one a loss of your mother with Alzheimer’s or your father is probably one of the most devastating things that can happen not just for you but for them as well because you’re in a situation where you’re gradually losing yourself and you’re losing your ability to think and remember and locate things and navigate so it’s very very unstabling it’s very confusing and it’s basically terrifying my wife’s mother had Alzheimer’s and Karen was so close to her mom I mean it was her best friend and it was just tragic to go to the nursing home and visit her you see all these family members trying to communicate and trying to connect with this person that they love I mean to this day that Karen just you know misses her and she thinks about her um all the time so today I’m going to talk about the warning signs and I’m going to give you some things that you can do to hopefully reverse the situation in a loved one and even in yourself okay so with that let’s start with the warning signs first the first warning sign is a change in language okay uh coping for different words trying to look for different words that you can’t remember and just realize as I go through this it doesn’t mean that you have Alzheimer’s or dementia it could be many other reasons it could be you haven’t slept it could be your blood sugars it could be a B12 deficiency it could be many different things but these are just potential indicators that there could be a problem in this area when we talk about a problem with language we also talk about communication there’s problems with communicating to the person they’re not necessarily paying attention and then when they talk to you it could be kind of random and and for example you might ask them a question and you know a few minutes later you might get the answer so there’s this lag time it takes a long time to sink in and to get a response number two navigation difficulty finding yourself around uh town uh around your house things like that so unfortunately over time that can get really bad to the point where you just basically lost all the time number three sensory so you might have a loss.

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