The Reasons You Should Avoid MOST Dairy At All Costs! | Dr. Steven Gundry

The reasons you should avoid most dairy

at all costs

now you’ll notice that i said most dairy

which does mean that not all dairy is


but here’s the thing dairy products in

the united states come from a breed of

cow such as a holstein which contains a

highly inflammatory milk protein called

casein a1

now casein a is a lectin-like protein

and it’s actually caused by a mutation

in cow’s genes in northern europe about

a thousand years ago it wasn’t always

this way

most cows ancient cows have a gene that

makes casein a2

but this gene makes an aberrant gene

called casein a now in fact in my

practice most people who think that

they’re lactose intolerant in fact are

actually reacting to the casein a1


not lactose


you don’t have to give up yogurt or

cheese you just have to know to choose

the right dairy products the ones that

are free of the casein a protein

now there are cows that still exist most

are in southern europe that make only

casein a in their milk a much safer


the guernsey cow is one example and the

swiss brown cow is another there’s also

a belgian blue cow

interestingly enough there is a cow in

the united states called the jersey cow

that is makes half casein a and

half casein a

luckily in the united states we now are

beginning to see

products made with a milk and they’re

labeled a on the carton and they’re

more and more and more available now

these milk products are much closer to

what our ancestors would have consumed

now if you want more information about

this topic check out episode

of my podcast i talk with the

alexandres one of the only a dairy

farmers in the u.s

now you might ask if this stuff is so

good for us

why aren’t there a lot of dairy farmers

using a two cows

unfortunately the whole steam cow is

much heartier

and gives more milk so that through the

years the guernsey cow which is the best

cow for a

has been put out to pasture because it’s

not as hardy and it doesn’t give much

melt and so


most of the milk in the united states is

from a holstein and it’s the wrong cow

now that’s an important point i have

lots of my patients say i drink or i use

organic milk

it’s grass-fed milk

isn’t that okay and the answer is no

because most of our cows in the united

states make the wrong form of milk

now is milk that’s a good for you well

no because milk is half

sugar remember milk was designed to make

baby cows grow and so you see these got

milk campaigns out there that tout a

daily glass of milk is good for you

that’s absolute nonsense

you can get all the calcium you need by

eating broccoli

sardines or even tahini

and your vitamin d you can get with a

great dose of sunlight which you should

be out in without sunscreen in the

morning sun and a vitamin d supplement


milk regardless of where it comes from

is loaded with a growth factor called

insulin-like growth factor one which is

designed to make baby cows or baby goats

or baby sheep grow quickly

so that they won’t get eaten by wolves

and predators

we don’t want to grow quickly in fact

human milk actually has much lower

levels of insulin-like growth factor

now here’s the good news

that insulin-like growth factor is

water-soluble so when you make cheeses


casein a cows

like goat cheeses or sheep cheeses or

buffalo milk cheeses then the

insulin-like growth factor is gone

and so that’s why i’m such a big fan of


sheep and goat

and buffalo mozzarella cheeses in the


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