THIS Is What Happens When You Run Out of Electrolytes

What would actually happen if you

ran out of electrolytes now if you ran

out completely you would die

but if you ran out just a little bit all

sorts of things would happen but the

main big thing that will happen is

you’ll lose electrical power

of your nerves your muscles

and your cells i have a really short

little demo

to tell you exactly what i mean all

right we’re going to do an experiment a

demonstration we have a light source

we have a power source it’s plugged into

the wall over here you can see the cords

and we have an incomplete circuit okay

electrical circuit we cut the wire

and we put the wire into

distilled water distilled water is water

without minerals and without

electrolytes electrolytes are

electrically charged

minerals okay so we have no

conductivity here you can see there

there’s no light so we’re going to take

some electrolytes here

take a scoop of electrolytes

and we’ll pour it in

to this distilled water

and let’s see what happens

okay now we’re gonna mix it with the

water to

make sure it’s

dissolving and look what’s happening we

have a

complete circuit now

so one of the main purposes of

electrolytes in the body is to power the

nervous system which is the electrical

system the body which powers the muscles

and all the different organs all right

so now that you know generally what

electrolytes are let’s talk about how

you would create a deficiency

well one way is when you start doing

fasting especially if you do prolong

fasting and you only drink water without

electrolytes you see our bodies don’t

store electrolytes for a long period of

time i’m talking about potassium

magnesium sodium chlorides or calcium

okay they don’t store these minerals so

if you’re drinking water first of all

you’re diluting these minerals when

you’re fasting and then you’re not

eating you’re gonna run out of

electrolytes and a lot of people are

already running on a low tank of

electrolytes and so when they start

fasting they might not feel good they

might feel dizzy they get fatigued keto

flu other symptoms and they might even

pass out very important to take

electrolytes when you do fasting all

right number two if you start the

ketogenic diet you may run out of

electrolytes why because you’re

switching to

ketones or fat fuel you’re no longer

running on glucose and what happens is

your body dumps a lot of these stored

glucose so store glucose as glycogen is

just a bunch of glucose molecules strung

together with a lot of water because for

every one gram of glucose that’s stored

you have three grams of water so

glycogen is a fluid-filled sugary

substance that’s stored in your liver

and stored in your muscles it’s not

stored in the brain it’s in the liver

and the muscles and other organs as well

so what happens when you stop eating

sugar is you start dumping

all this glycogen as well as fluid an

person could lose like 13 pounds

of extra fluid and with the fluid comes

electrolyte so you’re going to lose a

lot of electrolytes like even potassium

so this is why i recommend electrolytes

with keto and fasting but on the flip

side when you consume a high carb diet

especially if there’s sugar and refined

carbs involved in that high carb diet

you also become deficient electrolytes


to store

that sugar as glycogen you also need

potassium so when you lose glycogen when

you do keto you lose potassium and then

when you consume a lot of high

carbohydrates you lose potassium because

it’s locked up and stored in the

glycogen which is not always readily

available to you

quick story my wife and i when we got

married like 31 years ago

we went to this

italian restaurant and we had

massive amounts of pasta





more desserts more bread more pasta so

we’re driving home and i’m not feeling

too good okay i try to go to bed


my pulse rate is just like bam bam bam

bam just like way way too high i didn’t

know back then what it was but

reflecting back it was a major potassium

deficiency because to store all that


my body was sucking potassium out of the

blood and pushing into that glycogen and

so the pulse rate went up

and that’s why

number four increase pulse rate when you

run out of electrolytes

now also when you sweat vomit have


if you’re on diuretics other medications

all of these can create an electrolyte

deficiency all right the next question

is what symptoms occur when you start

running out of electrolytes

arrhythmias why

because electrolytes power muscle not


your muscles like the skeletal muscles

but your cardiac muscles and so you may

not uh initially just feel arrhythmias

you might just feel like a heart

palpitation that could be an electrolyte

deficiency right number two fatigue why

because electrolytes power the body.

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