What Happens after 14 Days of Cold Showers

What would happen after 14 days two

weeks if you took a cold shower

every single day that’s what we’re going

to talk about we’re going to do a deep

dive into this topic now you may have

heard of this guy called iceman he’s

wrote a book he’s done youtube videos he

developed the wim hof method using

things like ice baths cold showers to

improve your health i’m going to talk

about some of the benefits and the

research revolving around using

cryotherapy or

cold therapy now before you click off

and say there is no way in heck i am

going to ever take a cold shower

just hear me out because there are some

seriously positive

benefits from doing this and you can do

it very very gradually so it’s not very

uncomfortable okay now i’m serious

all right now you would think that

going out in the cold when it’s rainy

and it’s cold you would you’d get sick

that’s because your parents told you to

stay out of that rain it’s cold out

there you’re going to get a cold just

stay inside where it’s nice and warm

well it just so happens that when you

expose your body to the cold i’m not

talking long term just a short term

your immune system becomes enhanced

you get more monocytes and lymphocytes

these are white blood cells that fight

off pathogens

you have a boost of t helper cells the t

helper cell is like the quarterback of

the entire immune system

okay you also get a spike of t

suppressor cells that help to calm down

an overactive immune system so they

prevent too much destruction of the

immune system so it’s kind of a system

where your immune system is fighting

things off yet you have other factors

that are making sure there’s not too

much collateral damage so your immune

system is enhanced when you expose it to

cold which is very very


number two you get a spike of

noradrenaline noradrenaline is similar

to adrenaline

and when they tested people that have


attention deficit disorder

depression they usually have low

noradrenaline so by using this amazing

method of exposing yourself to cold you

can spike noradrenaline and improve your

overall mood so if you’re depressed you

can pull yourself out of that lower

emotion if you have anxiety excessive

worry things like that you it can

elevate your emotion it can help your

cognitive function

your focus

your memory you can become more alert so

apparently our bodies have evolved over

eons to adapt to things like


hunger starvation so our bodies through

this process have developed certain type

of adaptive survival mechanisms to

improve our health to survive better

when exposed to cold and hunger and

things like that

it’s called the hormetic effect and a

hormetic effect is when you expose

someone to a stress

and then the body adapts and becomes

stronger like exercise would give you a

hormetic effect

fasting would give you a hormonal effect

taking a cold shower would definitely do

it all right the next thing is that

taking a cold shower is going to help

you lose weight how well

when you take a cold shower

you’re going to trigger

brown fat another term for brown fat is

brown adipose


so the sensation of cold is the

main stimulus to stimulating brown fat

so the more cold the more brown fat that

you have now what’s so significant about

this brown fat versus the white fat or

white adipose tissue

well brown fat increases heat

energy and metabolism your metabolism is

going to be raised when you have more

brown fat you’re going to lose more

weight and brown fat will also trigger

more loss of white fat which is

the storage fat that you have in your

body okay so that’s pretty cool in fact

grams of brown fat can burn

calories per day that’s more

calories than you potentially could eat

in a given day so we want more brown fat

on our body another reason why it can

help you lose weight it can create an

increase in insulin sensitivity okay

if you’ve been watching my videos the

more you improve insulin sensitivity the

less insulin that’s going to be produced

because it’s going to work now and

there’s going to be less resistance to

insulin and the more weight loss you’re

going to have the better the blood

sugars you’re going to have

so if you have diabetes your

pre-diabetes and you take a cold shower

you’re going to notice that your blood

sugars actually come into check much

better and when that happens you’re

going to lose weight number five

cold showers help with inflammation they

are anti-inflammatory

so if you have inflammation in your body

if you have some type of autoimmune

disease if you have

arthritis bursitis tendinitis taking a

cold shower would be a very therapeutic

thing number six

cold showers can increase your overall

antioxidant networks okay more

antioxidants the less dna damage the

less risk of getting cancer and other


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