You Will NEVER EAT These Food Products Again After WATCHING THIS! | Dr. Steven Gundry

You will never eat these food products again after watching this, Well welcome back to the Dr Gundry podcast I’m going to share three so-called healthy foods that are actually wrecking your health and why I recommend avoiding them at all costs. First of all whole grain bread for decades now we’ve been hearing that whole grain foods are good for us but the truth is whole grains are actually behind some of the most common health issues there are in the modern era.

Remember up until 10 000 years ago human beings did not eat grain it did not exist as a food human beings actually shrunk about a foot over 2 000 years when they started eating whole grain bread shrunk and that’s pretty scary.

Now there’s a difference between white breads and whole grain breads and up until a couple generations ago everybody ate white bread in fact still much of Europe eats white bread rather than whole grain bread in fact aristocrats.

And the rich always fought over who was going to get the white bread and it was felt that the brown bread was for peasants why did they do that well it wasn’t for social status it was actually because they felt better why because the hall of grains is where most of the really nasty lectins reside.

One of the worst lectins in wheat is called wheat germ agglutinin and that’s in the hall of the wheat wheat germ of gluten is a very tiny lectin that sadly can pass through the wall of our gut without having leaky gut and as researchers have shown wheat germ glutenin can actually bind to insulin receptors blocking the effect of insulin and making insulin store more fat.

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